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Our Logo
Our Logo

Our Logo

The Purple and Light Blue symbols indicate the Twin Hills of Sholinghur, The Periya Malai and Chinna Malai, the holy abode of Lord Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy and Lord Yoga Anjaneya Swamy respectively.

Our Hospital is strategically located in such a way that the two temples are always visible from the premises of the hospital and inside of the building.

The holy presence and power of Lord helps heal the patients irrespective of their ailments.

The upward pointing symbols denote the ‘Aa’ syllable and Roman letter ‘A’. As a dedication to serving the people of Sholinghur, and as a pride of our town, this was christened as our logo.

Our Tagline

Caring Creator's Creations

This phrase indicates that we humans are a creation of the Creator (God) and we care for them to the best of our abilities.